Exploring Abandoned South African Military Base (MASSIVE GUN)

Exploring Abandoned South African Military Base (MASSIVE GUN)

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Welcome to episode 3 of our abandoned series, where we explore abandoned places in South Africa!



This is the Upper North station of SCALA Battery, located in Simonstown.

The 9.2” Gun is one of 3 to be built (circa 1940’s) to assist with coastal defence during the war, however the site has been in use for hundreds of years as a key point of defence for Simonstown.

In 1945, a Radar station was added nearby, however, we were unable to locate it, and suspect it has fallen due to disrepair.

It remains unclear why this facility is now abandoned. Locals suggest it was a result of the demilitarization of South Africa in the 1990s, however this is unconfirmed.

All access to the bunker has been thoroughly sealed off due to vandalism and crime in the area.

Rusty steel plates block access to the multi-storey underground facility, which is equipped with living quarters, ammunition store, and much more.

What was accessible, is in a poor state. Nobody has paid much attention to this place in many years.

I hope this walkthrough helps those who have interest in this fascinating location!

SCALA Battery is open to the public, however we recommend you visit in large groups, and remain vigilant and respectful of the area.




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